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r o n f a u r e
10 March 2014 @ 09:43 pm
It's time to signal boost!

Adventurotica is the brainchild of naamah_darling, she of the infamous menstrual rant, and sargon999. They write kick-ass, plot-heavy, character-driven, and woman-friendly erotica full of action and more action~.

Fresh off the (e-)presses is The Shadow Princess:

In the tiny principality of Asturias, evidence comes to light that the ruthless mercenary captain Gorlos D'Averonne intends to kidnap Princess Adalina and hold her for ransom.  For her safety, she will be smuggled out of the city, and to keep her absence from being noticed too quickly, the services of Zirel Andalas are retained.

Zirel is not only the most (in)famous whore in the city of Uvala, she is also a skilled illusionist, using her abilities to impersonate others almost flawlessly.  She takes Adalina's place at the grand ball which opens Carnivale, while the princess makes her escape . . . only things don't go quite as planned.

Now the princess hides out in a whorehouse, while the whore takes her place in the palace and tries to help her unravel the conspiracy that threatens the realm.

The Indiegogo campaign that'll help keep a roof over their heads, food on their table, and their cats from killing them (for now) while they write and Naamah creates the amazing perks (which come with donations of $25 or more AND! include one-of-a-kind customized My Little Ponies) is $245.00 short of their entirely-reasonable and 'much too cheap for what you're getting' goal!

I'm a dirty pervert who's probably read more porn than not-porn by total word count over the last few years so trust me when I tell you this is going to be some quality shit. Naamah has been a good e-friend for many, many years and I'm telling you straight-up that every cent you kick in is going to the best of causes.

Hot porn, good storytelling, and a karma boost from helping two unbelievably awesome individuals who deserve every bit of your support (read: $$$) for their amazing creative work! Bonus incentive: for every one of you who donates, I'll kick in an additional $5!

There are nine days left to raise the necessary funds. Do not disappoint me.

r o n f a u r e
21 August 2013 @ 08:55 pm